Monday, 13 January 2014

A Visit to Bath

Last Sunday my Mum and I had a little jaunt to Bath with a stop over, so we could leisurely take in the sights.

We went on the Sunday so I could visit the Bath Vintage and Antiques Fair.  It's held undercover at Green Park Station, which was lucky for us with all the rain we were having, but unlucky for us on that day as there were hardly any traders! Perhaps it was a bit too close to Christmas and New Year  and traders were still away or busy - one of the reasons I don't start the Worcester Flea until February. Hey Ho! There were still some nice antiques and collectables on offer and the venue itself was great, but sadly nothing caught my eye enough to want take home with me.

Bath Vintage & Antiques Fair -
somehow only managed to take one blurry photo oops!
Our hotel offered a lovely afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches and scones, so after a good mooch round the market and getting our bearings round the town, we went back to the hotel to 'take tea' in a very civilised fashion. I realised that this was the first time I'd ever had a posh afternoon tea served on a proper cake plate etc so was quite taken with the whole business!

Tea for Two at The Abbey Hotel

Over the two days we were in Bath we crammed as much as we could in and managed to visit all the main tourist spots and have a good look round the shops. Obviously we had to visit the famous, fantastic Roman Baths, which were so interesting! We went just as it was starting to get dark which made it look even more spectacular and atmospheric with the torches burning around the main pool. It's hard to get your head round just how ancient the site is!

The Roman Baths with the Abbey
looming large in the background

Mum taking some pics! 

The next day we went from Roman to Regency and visited the Assembly Rooms, which also houses the Fashion Museum:

The outside of The Assembly Rooms

It was changeover week for the Fashion Museum so not all of it was open, but that meant it was only £2.50 entry fee to both the museum and Assembly rooms and there were still plenty of vintage dresses to ogle. 

I quite liked how the eras were mixed up in some displays and arranged by colour or theme:

Black dresses throughout the ages, excuse the poor quality photo!

I would love to own a WWII Siren Suit and they had one in the museum display, but its styling here made it look strangely, really 80s! The corkscrew perm hair and 80s-look mannequin were the main culprits I think!

Handmade Siren Suit left

I absolutely loved this green 1930s/40s dress with a shooting star print - want!! It was really hard to get clear photos in the dim lighting through the glass, but I had a bash!

The Regency Assembly Rooms were definitely worth a peer round too, with the vast ceilings and humongous chandeliers. You could really envisage Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy taking a twirl around these highly polished floors!

From the Assembly Rooms we walked up to the famous Royal Crescent. It was super impressive with a lovely view of a private park in front and hills beyond. We couldn't help wondering how they manage to get the residents to move all their cars when they film period dramas!

All in all a super, short trip away to a gem of an English city and it was really nice spending time mooching about with my lovely Mum, thanks Mum!


Jessica Cangiano said...

That sounds like an exhibit that it would all but take wild horses to drag me away from (and indeed, it took my dear husband to do just that when the relatively small display of historical costumes at the ROM in Toronto when we used to visit while living in that city). Thank you for taking armchair travelers like myself (who now live in small towns that never get exhibits like this) along for the adventure.

♥ Jessica

KC'sCourt! said...

I absolutely love Bath. The Francis is a nice place to stay too.
Julie xxxxxxx

Jo Waterhouse said...

Thanks Jessica! I'm usually the armchair traveller myself so it was a real treat to see!

Thanks for the tip Julie, we loved it too so I'm sure I'll be back!