Sunday, 9 February 2014

Vintage Gadgets Restoration TV Show

I was emailed by a TV production company looking for people with vintage gadgets needing restoration to get in touch. Just passing on the info!

‘We’re on the hunt for ‘Old Tech’ ... Do you have a vintage gadget that you just can’t bear to throw out? A much loved classic that needs to be serviced, repaired or returned to its former glory?

As part of a new Television series we’re looking for items that our expert can fix up, restore or simply marvel at the remarkable mechanic of a design classic.

So get in touch giving details of your vintage items – anything from food mixers & vacuums to vintage cars & old lawn mowers – and let’s celebrate how great the old stuff was! Get in touch at:

Sewing Machine · Gramophone · Teasmade · Hairdryer · Vacuums · Electric Hand Whisk · Folding Bike · Camera · Record Player · Hand Crank Organ · Typewriter · Crank Phone · Pre-War Radios · Juke Box · Lawn Mower · Telescope · Sit under Hairdryer · Prams · Televisions · Food mixer · Bike and Sidecar · Retro Popcorn Machines · Radiograms · 
Gum Ball Machine · Washing Machine · Scales · Cuckoo Clock · 1964 Jaguar Etype Coupe · Concertina



Jessica Cangiano said...

That's rather cool!

Oh, how I madly adore the vintage culture and appreciation for the past that exists in the UK. In fact, I've told my husband on multiple occasions that it would be the number one reason why I'd jump at the chance to move to your fine nation if the chance ever arose. From TV shows to clothing fairs to hair salons dedicated just to yesteryear looks, you guys have so, so many more vintage related going ons than we do anywhere here in Canada (or even in most US locations, for that matter).

Big hugs & tons of joyful Valentine's Day wishes,
♥ Jessica

Jo Waterhouse said...

Thanks for the comment Jessica! We are a bit spoilt for choice over here now. Most people will live near enough (being a small country!) to get to one of the bigger touring fairs and lots of towns and cities have their own. We are very lucky. Hope you get to visit some day!